Golden piedmont and silver peaks(GPASP)


Metallurgical Technology Co., Ltd OF Gansu Province, China

Rotary Kiln Electric Furnace







We provide world-class management and technology for

 Ferro-Nickel Smelting, steelmaking, rolling project.

 General Plan of Nickel Smelting and Stainless Steel Industrial Park

We Promise the target of project construction period

(Engineering quality, budget and schedule)

We Promise the production targets after completion

(Product Quality and Output, Production consumption, Production Cost)

Production support

Excellent production management and technical improvement scheme sharing, tailor-made management system and framework, personnel training, production and operation, new product research and market development, product quality solution, cost reduction and efficiency.

Project support

Technical support for core process of ferronickel smelting project, general plan, feasibility study, project budget, project schedule management, high quality supply chain support, project quality management, project debugging, etc.


Investment /Financing

Economic analysis of projects and products (nickel and stainless steel), investment and financing scheme, equity allocation scheme, project operation scheme, investment and financing information sharing, investment capital plan, production cost analysis, product price trend analysis, etc.

THE best technology of


RKEF ferronickel smelting